Your Police Department Proudly serving                                              the residents of the Town of Cicero, NY


All volunteers receive 25 hours of class room training covering basic skills such as: local and state laws, use of force laws, patrol and traffic control techniques, report writing and crime prevention programs. Plus 8 hours of on-the-job training riding in the VIPS patrol vehicle with a senior VIPS.

We have our own Patrol Vehicle equipped with a police radio, emergency equipment, and red/amber bar light. All VIPS wear a uniform while on duty, consisting of a white uniform shirt with VIPS arm patches and VIPS shield, navy blue pants, black shoes, baseball cap with VIPS shield. 

If interested in joining, please send email to our VIPS Coordinator or contact us by phone at 315-699-3677, extension 211.

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Who Are we?

We are local residents who have an interest in helping our community improve and maintain the quality of life for citizens by volunteering our skills and talents to the service of the Cicero Police Department.

What do we do?

-Perform residential security checks for residents on vacation, business security checks after closing hours

-Traffic control for special events, vehicle accidents and other emergencies,

-Crime prevention and community awareness programs

-Child and Senior ID Events,

-Assist in neighborhood watch activities, routine neighborhood patrol, and other activities as assigned by the Cicero Police Department.