Chief of Police                                                               Chief Steve Rotunno                         Ext 210

Lieutenant                                                                       Lt  James Meyers                              Ext 218

Field Service Section Supervisors

Accreditation Manager                                   Sergeant Steven Amyot               Ext 240

Training Coordinator                                      Sergeant James Snell                    Ext 257

                                                                                     Sergeant Thomas Leo                  Ext 249

Criminal Investigations Section

                                                                               Investigator  Michael Serafin           Ext 216

Evidence/Property Custodian                   Investigator Wayne Freeman          Ext 245

Field Service Officers

                                                                                 Officer  Michael Aregano                 Ext 241

                                                                        Officer  Kevin Birardi                        Ext 247

                                                                        Officer  Matthew Burdick                Ext 260   

                                                                        Officer   John Cottrell                       Ext 243

                                                                        Officer   Eric Flansburg                    Ext 259                                     

                                                                        Officer   Kyle Harrington                 Ext 262                                 

                                                                        Officer   Ken Isyk                               Ext 261

                                                                        Officer   James Kazmirski                Ext 252

                                                                        Officer  John Laperla                        Ext  264

                                                         Juvenile Officer  Daniel Leneker                    Ext 248

                                                                       Officer  Cole Schanbacher                Ext  263

                                                                        Officer  Ashley Smith                        Ext 246

                                                                        Officer  Sean Wallace                        Ext 258

Administration Support Staff

Records Clerk/Community Relations Manager     Angela Kleist        Ext 211

                                                                   Records Clerk                      Andrea Castro     Ext 212                                                                           

 For EMERGENCIES and non emergencies, dial 911

This roster is for administrative contacts. 

For administration or to speak to an individual officer call (315)699-3677, then select the desired extension.

If you wish to email an officer please click on his or her name.

Your Police Department Proudly serving                                              the residents of the Town of Cicero, NY