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Town of Cicero Police Department 

Read the Syracuse Post-Standard article on Cicero’s e-Policing.

Want to know about CRIME in your neighborhood? How about a periodic list of those ARRESTED? Maybe some SAFETY TIPS to keep you and your family safer? Would you like to have easy access to your Cicero Police Department for questions or to just report some annoyances or concerns?

If so, as a Cicero resident, SIGN UP for our E-Policing program for easy email to and from your Cicero Police. You will receive periodic emails each week on crimes, arrests and safety tips for our community. And… you will have immediate access to report neighborhood problems of which you feel the Cicero Police should be aware.

The Cicero Police Department e-Policing program is designed to provide Town of Cicero residents with information about criminal activity within the town. The objective is to keep us all sensitive to the need to lock doors, lock cars, put valuables in safe areas, watch our wallets and purses, etc. We do this by sending emails periodically to our subscription list, listing crimes, arrests and statistics by area. Another MAJOR FOCUS of ours is in investigating Internet crimes, domestic violence and mistreatment of children.

The other function of our E-Policing program is that this provides Town of Cicero residents with a simple means to communicate back to us. Our subscribers routinely email problems of zoning code violations, barking dogs, disorderly teenagers, damaged street signs and many others.

To subscribe to the E-Policing program, just CLICK HERE to send an e-mail to our E-Policing administrator, listing your

phone number, and
email address for your subscription

That’s all there is to it. (NOTE: This service is ONLY available to Town of Cicero residents.)

To report an incident or concern to the E-Policing administrator via email, just CLICK HERE , describing the incident or concern. (NOTE: Such reports should NOT be for emergency situations. Call 911, instead.)