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Civilian Rider Program

The Civilian Rider Program is for public/community education to allow civilians to gain insight into the operations of the Town of Cicero Police Department. We hope you enjoy your experience. We welcome your comments, suggestions and recommendations (which should be directed to the Chief of Police).

There are inherent dangers in the law enforcement profession and we take every precaution to insure the safety of our officers. The men and women of the Town of Cicero Police Department are trained professionals and take great pride in the work they do for our citizens. You are requested to follow the instructions given to you by the police officers for your safety and the safety of the officers. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Therefore, these guidelines must be followed whenever a rider, other than a police department employee, request permission to accompany a police officer while on duty.

Only one civilian rider is permitted per shift for no more than one eight hour tour of duty in any 24 hour period. Unless special circumstances and permission from the Chief of Police or his designee is provided, a rider may only ride once within a six month period.

No person under the age of sixteen will be allowed to ride unless approved by the Chief of Police and has parental permission.

Persons between the ages of sixteen and eighteen must have parental permission. The waiver and Release of Liability form must be completed with a notarized signature of at least one parent or parent’s signature witnessed by a Sergeant or higher ranking officer of this department who is not related to the rider.

A civilian ride-a-long may be cancelled or the ride-a-long discontinued at any time when circumstances are such that it is in the best interest of the department, or there are special circumstances, or for the safety of the rider, the public and/or officers.

Civilian riders will remain in the vehicle at all times unless authorized to exit by the police officer.

Civilian riders are required to follow the instructions of a police officer at all times.

Non-departmental owned electronic or other devices are not allowed in/on any police vehicles while riding in this program unless authorized by the Chief of Police or his designee. Prohibited devices include recording devices, tape players, televisions, radios, cell phones, and cameras (still or video).

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If you have any questions or are interested in doing a Civilian Ride Along you can either call 315-699-3677 ext 210 or email