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Updated on 03/20/2017


Identity Theft

Occurred:  3/11/17 8:03pm

Reported:  3/13/17 10am

Location:  Arentine Way, Cicero

Property:  US Currency                                       Value     $  573.00

The Victim was informed by her bank that unknown person was using an ATM in Maryland with her information. 

Ofc. Aregano.



Occurred:  2/27/17 11pm – 2/28/17 5pm

Reported:  2/28/17 3pm

Location:  Snowshoe Trail, Cicero

Property:  CASH                                                           Value    $   62.00

This is a case of a larceny from an unlocked vehicle.

Ofc. Aregano.


Occurred:  3/11/17 11:59am

Reported:  3/11/17 11:59am

Location:  Areopagitica Ave, Bridgeport

The Victim reported seeing smoke and a small fire inside the laundry room at this location.  Fire investigator stated that it appeared that a tank less hot water on demand unit that was mounted on the wall inside the laundry room was faulty.

Ofc. Aregano.



Occurred:  3/9/17 9:30pm – 3/10/17 9:45am

Reported:  9/10/17 5:03pm

Location:  Parker House Path, Cicero

Property:  Coach Sunglasses                                      Value    $  250.00

                  Ipod                                                                               150.00

                  Syracuse Book of Coupons                                            25.00

This is a case of a Larceny from an unlocked vehicle.

Ofc. Gray



Criminal Mischief

Occurred:  3/12/17 8pm – 3/13/17 1pm

Reported:  3/13/17 3:45pm

Location:  8400  Block of Lakeshore Rd, Cicero

Property:  2016 Honda Civic – Damage                                    Value    $  200.00

The Victim reported that unknown person(s) egged his vehicle.

Ofc. Flansburg




James Swidowski,  of Weaver Rd, Chittenango

Arrested:           3/2/17

Charges:           Petit Larceny

Sgt. Baldini


Joshua Davis, of S. Third Street, Fulton

Arrested:    3/5/17

Charges:    Petit Larceny

Ofc. Isyk


Ashton Adams, of S. Third Street, Fulton

Arrested:        3/5/17

Charges:        Petit Larceny

Ofc. Wallace


Wayne Newsome, Age 25 – Of Cherry Street, Phoenix

Arrested:    3/3/17

Charges:    Petit Larceny

Inv. Serafin


Daquan Singletary,  Age 23 – Marlboro Rd, Syracuse

Arrested:  3/16/17

Charges:  Warrant – Petit Larceny

Ofc. Flansburg


Maggie Morris,  Age 20 – of Towanda, PA

Arrested:  3/17/17

Charges:  Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of Motor Vehicle 3rd

                 No Plate Lamp

Ofc. Cottrell


Joshua Christian,  Age 51 – of Lancaster Ave, Syracuse

Arrested:  3/17/17

Charges:  Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of Motor Vehicle 2nd

                 Disobey Traffic Device

Ofc. Cottrell




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